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Heritages and Museums

Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts

The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts is an art museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Collection de l'art brut

The Collection de l’art brut is a museum dedicated to outsider art and located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Shoe museum

Shoe Museum the collection presents reconstructions of shoes and other leather accessories documented exclusively by archaeological discoveries. Each object is the result of research done on original fragments recovered through archeology. Since 1993, this didactical collection grows at the same time as the new developments in research

The Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland houses permanent and temporary exhibits relating to sport and the Olympic movement. With more than 10,000 artifacts, the museum is the largest archive of Olympic Games in the world and one of Lausanne’s prime tourist site draws attracting more than 250,000 visitors each year.

Musée de l'Élysée

Musée de l’Élysée is a museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, entirely devoted to photography. It is a government-supported institution founded in 1985 by Charles-Henri Favrod in an 18th-century mansion. The collection of more than 100,000 photographs includes those of colour pioneer Gabriel Lippmann right up to contemporary photographers such as Jeff Wall.

Musée Cantonal de Zoologie

The Cantonal Museum of Zoology is a zoology museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. The museums history dates from 1779 when the “objects” of natural history, in the Académie de Lausanne were “indexed” by Daniel-Alexandre Chavannes. In 1826, Chavannes vertebrate collection was purchased by L’Etat de Vaud. The museum opened in the Académie de Lausanne in 1833. In 1886, the museum acquired 1,300 specimens’ bird specimens from Albert Vouga (1829–1896), the author of Album Neuchâtelois.

Bolo Museum

The Musée Bolo is an exhibition at the School of Computer And Communication Sciences at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Lausanne, Romandy, Switzerland. Each exhibit has a different theme such as original microcomputers, video game consoles, and computers organized by country. Posters next to each display case explain the exhibits. Currently it houses around fifty computers. It contains the private collection of the hardware engineer Yves Bolognini.

Lausanne Cathedral

The Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne is a church situated in the city of Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It belongs to the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud. Construction of the Cathedral began as early as 1170 by an original unknown master mason. Twenty years later another master mason restarted construction until 1215. Finally a third engineer, Jean Cotereel, completed the majority of the existing cathedral including a porch, and two towers, one of which is the current day belfry. The other tower was never completed.

Sauvabelin Tower

The Sauvabelin Tower is a wooden tower located in the Sauvabelin forest, Lausanne, Switzerland. The tower was built in 2003 and is 35 meters high. It provides with panoramic view on the city of Lausanne, the Lake Léman and the surrounding countryside and mountains.

Place St-Francois

The St. Francis Square is a square-crossroads of the city Vaudois of Lausanne, in Switzerland. Place, located in downtown, the street connects the Grand-Pont and the Great Oak Street in the west to the Avenue Theatre and the Benjamin Constant Avenue to the east. It is the central hub of public transport in the Lausanne region with more than 10 bus lines stopping it.

Chateau Saint-Maire

Château Saint-Maire (“Saint-Maire Castle”) is a castle in Lausanne, Switzerland, that serves as the seat of the cantonal government, the Council of State of Vaud. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance. The château was built from 1397 to 1425 by the Bishops of Lausanne to serve as their fortified residence.